Out of hours appointments and overnight care

At Boundary Vets we are pleased to be able to offer on site emergency and out-of-hours appointments for your animals.

• Always be seen at Boundary Veterinary Centre day or night.

It is becoming more common for some veterinary practices to divert their phones to a different veterinary practice once they are closed. This often means a trip to an unknown practice during what may be a very stressful time for you and your pet.

• Always see one of our regular vets.

At our practice you will always see one of our regular veterinary team even in the middle of the night. All you have to do is ring our usual number and you will be given the phone number of our on-call vet. They can give you advice or arrange to see your animals for emergency treatment if needed.

• Access to your pets full medical history.

We understand how stressful an emergency situation can be and it is reassuring to know your pet will be coming somewhere they are familiar with, and where the vet will have full access to your pets medical history.

• On-site care 24/7.

If your pet is unwell and needs overnight care, our veterinary surgeons will look after them in our own hospital providing care and treatment needed to aid their recovery. This means there are no unnecessary patient transfers between practices.

• Separate wards for dogs and cats.

We have separate wards for dogs and cats and try to make each animals stay as stress-free and comfortable as possible. We also full encourage owners to visit their pets if they are with us for long periods as we believe this only aids their recovery further.

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