New Puppy?

Boundary Vets Puppy Package only £57.12*

There are so many things to think about when getting a puppy – feeding, training, socialising, settling into a new home, meeting other pets in the house……

The healthcare of your new family member is not something to be overlooked either.

At Boundary Veterinary Centre we like to help take the stress out of all the little worries and questions you may have about life with a young dog.

What is included?

  • Full, thorough, health check with a vet
    Longer 30 minute first appointment allowing ample time to discuss your puppy’s care without being rushed
  • Vaccinations during the first two consultations
    (two injections, 2 weeks apart)
  • Complementary flea and worm treatment
  • Complementary monthly consultations with the nurse
    15 minute appointment to discuss all aspects of puppy care (feeding, training, preventative healthcare and any other questions you may have)
  • Helping you to build a confident happy puppy
    We find that when puppies come in to see us regularly during the early part of their lives, they are less nervous about coming to the vet when they become ill. Many really love coming in for cuddles and a treat every month!
  • Regular preventative healthcare
    Each time you visit the nurse, she will weigh your puppy and show you how well (and fast!) they are growing. She will discuss the best flea, worm and other parasite preventative treatment for your puppy and your lifestyle. (individual product paid for at the time of consultation - approximately £7.99-£9.29* per month depending on the puppy’s weight)
  • Complementary adolescent health check with your regular vet when puppy reaches 6 month old
    After the monthly visits with the nurse your puppy should be pretty confident to bound into the waiting room ready for more attention! Any memories of needles from the first vet visit should be long gone! The vet will carry out a complimentary health check and discuss all aspects of ongoing care and neutering (timing of this will be advised depending on each individual puppy) setting you up with all the information you need to help your pet stay happy and healthy.
  • Implant microchip if required
    (cost not included in vaccination course as usually done by breeder - £14.62*)

*Prices correct as of April 2018

To take advantage of this fantastic pet care cover please talk to a member of our staff.

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